How to delete cloud storage? 7 Important steps

how to delete cloud storage

How to delete cloud storage? 7 Important steps by One of the most dependable and effective methods for storing data on the cloud is Google Cloud Storage. But not everyone spends the effort organizing and sorting their data. So it could be time to press the delete button if you’re out of space or just want to save money on storage. It’s really simple to purge your Google Cloud storage. You may erase Google Cloud storage by following these 7 simple steps. Because you cannot get your data back once you’ve destroyed it, you must carefully follow each step. So let’s get going with

You can rapidly and reliably store and retrieve massive volumes of data using Google Cloud Storage without worrying about the supporting infrastructure. It makes it simple to integrate with your applications and workflows since it offers a user-friendly web interface, command-line tools, and client libraries for many programming languages.

Log in to your account on Google Cloud Platform

You must log into your Google Cloud Platform account before removing any data. If you don’t already have one, you must create one. You may register here, and it won’t take long. You may access the Google Cloud Console after logging in.

Log in to your account on Google Cloud Platform
Log in to your account on Google Cloud Platform

Navigate to Google Cloud Storage

Use the navigation menu on the console’s left side to quickly discover the Google Cloud Console. “Cloud Storage” may be found in the “Storage” section. You may access it directly in the Google Cloud Storage browser and discover it if it isn’t instantly apparent in the pinned alternatives.

Select Your Storage Bucket – how to delete cloud storage

Select Your Storage Bucket – how to delete cloud storage. You may get a list of all your storage buckets after going to Google Cloud Storage. Choose the bucket you wish to remove. For those who have several storage buckets, finding a good data set could take some time. For this reason, frequently sorting your data might be useful. To find your bucket faster, you can always use the search bar.

Select Your Storage Bucket - how to delete cloud storage
Select Your Storage Bucket – how to delete cloud storage

Delete All Files in Your Bucket

Attempting to delete your bucket without first emptying it is a common error. You must remove all of your bucket’s files before you may delete it. There are several approaches of doing this. – how to delete cloud storage.

Selecting the specific files and folders you wish to remove one by one manually is one way to remove data from a bucket. This might take a while, especially if you need to delete a lot of data. – how to delete cloud storage.

Using a command-line program like gsutil, which allows you to remove numerous files and directories simultaneously, is an additional choice. You may communicate with Google Cloud Storage using the command-line program known as Gsutil. Following are some typical gsutil commands:

‘gsutil cp’ – Transfers data between Google Cloud Storage and other locations.

‘gsutil ls’ – Lists the items in a bucket or the contents of a bucket.

makes a fresh bucket.

‘gsutil mb’ – removes baskets and stuff.

‘gsutil rm’ – Deletes objects and buckets.

‘gsutil mv’ – changes the names of buckets and objects.

‘gsutil du’ – shows the combined size of the items in a bucket or the contents of a bucket.

‘gsutil setacl’ – establishes access restrictions for a bucket or item.

‘gsutil versioning’ – versions a bucket by turning it on or off.

‘gsutil defacl’ – establishes a bucket’s default access restriction.

These are but a few of gsutil command examples. The Google Cloud Storage documentation has further details on gsutil commands and how to use them.

Delete Your Bucket

How to delete cloud storage? One of the steps is Delete Your Bucket. You may then remove the bucket itself after removing the data from it. On the Cloud Storage Buckets page, check the box next to the bucket, then click the delete button to do this.

You will see a popup box asking you to type “DELETE” to confirm the deletion. The bucket and all of its contents will be permanently destroyed after you confirm the deletion.

Delete Your Bucket
Delete Your Bucket

It’s crucial to remember that once you delete a bucket, it cannot be retrieved. Because of this, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the bucket’s contents before removing them.

Verify Deletion – how to delete cloud storage

Verify Deletion – how to delete cloud storage. You may stop here, but many users like to go one step farther and make sure the bucket has actually been removed. This process won’t take very long.

By looking at the list of buckets on your Google Cloud Console, you can confirm the deletion. It has been successfully erased if the bucket you deleted is no longer shown. – how to delete cloud storage.

Manage Your Google Cloud Storage Costs

You might believe that eliminating the bucket will enable you to save money on Google Cloud Storage, but that isn’t always the case. You may continue be paying for other Google Cloud services even though you are not being paid for the storage space of the deleted bucket.

By selecting the “Billing” option in the Google Cloud Console, you may control your expenses. Your costs and expenses will be completely broken down for you in this area. The greatest option to lower your data storage expenses is to modify your billings tab settings. – how to delete cloud storage.


How to delete cloud storage? If you want to handle your data properly and save money, keeping your Google Cloud Storage organized is crucial. Although removing a Google Cloud Storage bucket could appear difficult to a novice user, it is really rather easy.You may discover the appropriate bucket, swiftly delete it, and make sure that your data is no longer kept in the cloud by following the instructions provided in this tutorial. By manually choosing the correct files and directories, you may save time by utilizing the gsutil command. 

By doing this, you may prevent paying for services or storage that you no longer use. However, what if you wish to completely erase your Google Cloud Platform account? A few buckets deleted won’t be enough for some people. It may be simpler to simply erase your entire account if you want to start over. You may either follow the instructions provided in the Google Cloud Platform manual or get help from Google Cloud Platform support.


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