How to clear cloud storage? essential guide

How to clear cloud storage essential guide

How to clear cloud storage? essential guide by Nowadays, it’s simple to keep everything on the cloud. It’s understandable that individuals would want to keep everything given the automated uploading and syncing of files.

After all, what harm can there be with digital storage? But if left unchecked, space may soon fill up. The issue is, even while cloud storage is incredibly practical, it may occasionally devolve into a disorganized disaster. You could ultimately run out of storage space and be unable to save any further data. 

Why do I need to clean up my cloud storage?

The acclaimed Marie Kondo method of decluttering emphasizes retaining the items that “spark joy” around you while throwing away the rest. This technique will make using your digital files more enjoyable while also preventing you from going over your storage allowance.

Why do I need to clean up my cloud storage
Why do I need to clean up my cloud storage

You might not be able to upload, update, or sync new file versions if you don’t take control of your cloud storage. Depending on the provider, if you don’t free up space they can potentially destroy your stuff.

Why do I need to clean up my cloud storage?. Let’s go to the next section to explain more about How to clear cloud storage.

How to clear cloud storage

There’s no need to worry; follow these simple guidelines instead. Think of these as a space-saving digital organizing course for your local hard drive or cloud storage. How to clear cloud storage?

1. Delete the files you don’t need

The simplest answer is often the best one. The simplest solution to free up cloud storage space is to delete items that are no longer needed. – how to clear cloud storage.

How to clear cloud storage?. Of course, having gigabytes of data to carefully comb through and erase with care might seem like an overwhelming undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be; use these tried-and-true ways to get things going right away:

Filter by size—Sorting your files and folders in order of size should be your first step. Look for items that are at the top of the pile that you know you no longer require.

Filter by date—Do you actually need the unfinished draft of a report from five years ago? Finding unneeded and long-forgotten antiquities may be made easier by organizing your files oldest to newest.

Hunt down app data folders—Review the data inside any folders with names that match apps to see if they’re automatically saving exports and other data; if not, remove them.

Remove temporary files—Downloads, memes, pictures shared in group chats, and other media may quickly fill up device storage with unnecessary data, most of which can be erased.

Visit the Dropbox Help Center for further details on removing files from your Dropbox account. If you are concerned about losing files, you might also consider Dropbox Backup.

How to clear cloud storage
How to clear cloud storage

2. Leave shared files if you no longer require access

It may stay in your online storage after someone shares a folder with you, using up space. One of the following techniques can help you spruce up your storage by allowing you to remove folders that you are finished with:


  • Select the folder or file after logging in.
  • To add a new account, select the ‘+’ icon (which resembles a human) by clicking it.
  • Remove your account or others as necessary by clicking Share options.
  • For further details, view the article from Apple Support.


  • Sign into OneDrive
  • Select the folder or file you wish to unshare by clicking the Files view.
  • the option to remove shortcuts from My files.
  • For further details, see the article from Microsoft Support.


  • Sign into your Dropbox account
  • Click the Share icon after choosing the shared folder you wish to delete.
  • A dropdown menu will appear; click [x] individuals have access, then choose your name.
  • To confirm, click Remove my access.
  • For additional information, see the Support page for Dropbox.

3. Tidy your backups

Even when you aren’t utilizing files, it is really simple to keep them secure. However, you can discover a lot of items you don’t want in these backups—much as when you keep items in a loft space ‘just in case’.

To reduce space, you may easily cut out some portions of your backup on services like iCloud.

To backup your account, go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Account Storage.

Old phones or iPads may be used to extract critical data and remove unnecessary backups.

From “Manage Account Storage,” remove any app data you might not desire, such as images.

Backing up to a Windows or Mac PC is a smart approach to keep your data protected off the cloud if your cloud storage is ready to crash. When you have space, you can always sync the data again.

Tidy your backups
Tidy your backups

Consider creating an archive for material that you don’t frequently access to save on cloud storage. Read ‘Long-term backup storage’ for advice on how to back up data securely for years to come.

Archive folders or files work well on hard disk backups. To accomplish this for your Dropbox account, see ‘How to backup your Mac to the cloud’ and ‘How to backup your Windows PC to the cloud’. The section How to clear cloud storage also closed the article: How to clear cloud storage? essential guide.

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