pCloud – Best Free Cloud Storage Services Review

pCloud Best Free Cloud Storage Services Review

Here is pCloud – Best Free Cloud Storage Services Review by timdoc24h.com. It is always beneficial and risk-free to have access to cloud services. The best part is that you can do it for free, but with certain restrictions in comparison to premium services. Nevertheless, continue reading for our ranking of the top free online storage companies:

pCloud (10 GB free cloud storage)

I have extensive experience using free cloud storage services, however pCloud is always a superior option. Although the subscription plans are superior, the free plan offers up to 10 GB of space, which isn’t too awful because you’ll probably have enough room for music, movies, and images.

Additionally, pCloud is quite simple to set up. If you choose the free edition, all you have to do to get started is sign up with your email address and password. Not to mention that Switzerland, where its headquarters are located, ensures a very high level of security and privacy.

pCloud (10 GB free cloud storage)
pCloud (10 GB free cloud storage)

The fact that you receive EVERY feature from the higher plans is the most astounding aspect. You can only find anything like this on a few suppliers. You are initially given 5 GB of space by pCloud, but you can increase it to 10 GB by performing a few really easy chores.

For instance, you get 1 GB if you confirm your email. Then, if you upload a file, you get 1 GB extra, and if you download it to your phone, you get 1 GB more. It goes without saying that the greatest free cloud storage is available for unlimited, free use.

Even so, its 500 GB and 2 TB Lifetime subscriptions are still affordable and will last you for 99 years.

pCloud Free Cloud Storage Features

When it comes to the finest free cloud storage services, pCloud is probably not going to invent the wheel. You can quickly sync your information between devices and back up crucial system files thanks to features like auto-synchronization and backups.

Additionally, pCloud is quite user-friendly across all platforms, which is crucial if you’re not a tech-savvy user. Speaking of platforms, it’s accessible on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, providing a resource-efficient program that is lightweight.

You may also retrieve your files back in the free cloud edition of pCloud within 15 days. Specifically, when you remove a file, it is placed in the Trash, where it can remain for up to 15 or 30 days, depending on the premium version you choose. So, if you change your mind, you may simply click to restore these files.

pCloud Free Cloud Storage Features
pCloud Free Cloud Storage Features

It’s also important to note that pCloud has no transfer file size restrictions. This implies that while transferring your files to the cloud, you do not need to “cut” them into parts. By the way, we should point out that both uploading and downloading are lightning-fast thanks to its outstanding transfer speed.

pCloud has a number of excellent security measures. It provides data centers across the US and the EU and saves your files on three distinct servers, ensuring that even if one server malfunctions, your data won’t be lost.

Additionally, depending on your location, you may select between storing your data in the US or the EU. Finally, TLS encryption using the SSL standard safeguards your files from various online threats.

I have extensive experience with free cloud storage services, but I have never discovered a better one.

Advantages of pCloud

The company is a pioneer in the field of cloud storage. The benefits of pCloud are as follows:

1. pCloud encrypts your data – keeping it safe

With a 256-bit key, pCloud encrypts data using TLS/SSL and the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). The latter is regarded as the gold standard in the sector since it is supposedly indestructible.

To maintain data security in the event of corruption or hardware or software failures, the free cloud storage service will also make five copies of each file on several servers. Additionally, they utilize hashing to check the veracity of data during encryption and decryption and 4096-bit RSA to validate private keys.

The data on the user’s devices will be encrypted by pCloud Crypto before being uploaded to the free cloud storage. This makes sure that the data is never sent in an unencrypted form. Additionally, the encryption key is never uploaded to or kept on their servers (zero-knowledge privacy), and the so-called Crypto Pass is only known by the user.

2. It provides 10 GB of infinite size and speed storage space for free.

You are given an unlimited 10 GB of free cloud storage space with pCloud. You may access your data using a desktop, mobile, or web browser, and quickly discover what you need by using the search box or filters (documents, photographs, video, audio, and archives).

As long as there is sufficient free cloud storage, pCloud also does not impose any limitations on the largest file size, even for free users. Moreover, deleted files will stay in the Trash folder for 15 (free plan) or 30 (Premium, Lifetime, and Premium Plus plans) days after being deleted.

Last but not least, the service gives limitless upload and download speed for premium and free accounts, despite the fact that you may limit the speed for your own convenience.

3. pCloud enables you to set up exclusive or public access.

We noted that pCloud only allows access using a Crypto Pass that the account owner is aware of. The user can opt to work with others in a variety of ways, though:

  • Invite to Folder.Users may designate viewing, editing, and management rights for shared folders, as well as assign and revoke them for all compatible devices.
  • Shared links. Users with or without pCloud accounts can access files through a user-shared view or download link. The service enables password security and link expiration and automatically connects the most recent file version that is readily accessible.
  • Direct links. For the purpose of distributing download links or utilizing them as external storage for HTML pages, photos, videos, and other types of content, you may make files and folders searchable and publicly available.
  • File Request.This enables users to share a file upload without requesting permission for the rest of the data on their pCloud account.
pCloud enables you to set up exclusive or public access.
pCloud enables you to set up exclusive or public access.

4. It works cross-platform

PCloud is accessible free cloud storage on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers via the program pCloud Drive, and on Android and iOS devices using pCloud for Mobile. Additionally, you may use pCloud Web from any device that supports web browsers, including as Raspberry Pi devices, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Users can “Favorite” files in order to have offline access to them on their mobile devices.

5. pCloud supports file history, syncing, backup and integration features

One of pCloud’s main benefits is its data synchronization functionality, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. To keep data consistent across all of their devices, users can activate automatic synchronization.

Additionally, you may combine pCloud with a variety of networks that have valuable files, most notably Instagram and Facebook, using custom plugins.

The cloud service provider also provides users with access to older versions of data as backups. Users may use Rewind to verify the status of the complete digital collection or view revisions of files without restoring an earlier version. Both functions are available to free users for up to 15 days in the past.

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