Overview of the best cloud storage solutions about Sync.com

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A file sharing and collaboration tool for small and midsize organizations is called Sync.com. Within a single suite, it provides collaboration, data backup, and recovery. The package includes mobile apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones and may be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Overview of the best cloud storage solutions about Sync.com by timdoc24h.com this below article.

About Sync.com cloud storage solutions

There are several excellent cloud storage solutions companies available, but we’re only ready to name Sync.com as the finest cloud storage solutions. In an increasingly cutthroat industry dominated by household companies like Google and Apple, Sync.com offers cloud storage solutions consumers an almost seamless experience.

About Sync.com cloud storage solutions
About Sync.com cloud storage solutions

There are many more causes as well. All of Sync.com’s plans include end-to-end encryption, which provides excellent security right out of the box. You have complete control over any files you share with others, and syncing is a breeze. All of this is offered at affordable prices that are difficult for most other providers to match. That said, nothing in life is flawless, even Sync.com.

Although it integrates with Office365, it’s not the best for collaboration, as you might expect from a security-focused service. Despite a few minor issues, this service has a lot to offer, which is why it frequently receives recommendations in our other cloud storage solutions evaluations, as our Sync.com review will show.


  • Excellent security
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • Competitive pricing
  • 365-day versioning
  • Clear privacy policy


  • User interface needs work
  • Slower sync speeds


File and folder security is balanced with the goal to give the features you’d expect from a top-tier service in Sync.com’s approach to features.

Sync.com is a zero-knowledge service, which means you have complete control over your data. You own your encryption keys, so it makes no difference who sees your files – Sync.com, the authorities, or a malicious hacker — since only you can decode and access your data.

As a result, you won’t see as many third-party connections with rival services like Dropbox. Read more about this in our comparison of Sync.com vs Dropbox.


Although it isn’t the finest cloud storage solutions for collaboration, Sync.com does provide a few built-in capabilities for documents that are noteworthy if you can live with the site’s limits. You may see photos and Office and PDF documents if you have a paid membership. Since the decryption happens immediately, it could be a little sluggish, but security comes at a cost.

Additionally, Sync.com incorporates Office365. This implies that you may open and edit Office files (such as.DOC and.DOCX files) immediately from the Sync.com app or web client in Office365 rather than having to download them, work on them, and then upload them again.

Sync.com Free Plan

With a free Sync.com account, you can get started with 5GB of space and no restrictions. This isn’t as liberal as other significant providers, like MEGA (see our MEGA review), but it’s still a respectable alternative, placing Sync.com on our short list of the best free cloud storage solutions.

If 5GB is insufficient, you can add 1GB more by sharing files or downloading the mobile app. By recommending new customers to the business, you may go even farther and receive up to 25GB additional.

The free plan has a few extra restrictions in addition to the restricted storage. Versioning is limited to just 30 days, and you may only share 5GB of data each month with other users. Additionally absent from this list is the document preview function and Office 365 connectivity.

Other sharing restrictions include the absence of preview mode, granular permissions, and the ability to remotely erase your files from other Sync.com users when you renounce their access. Preview mode lets others view your files but not download them. Additionally, you can only make three shared folders and three sharing links at once.

Sync.com Pricing

If 5GB of cloud storage solutions is insufficient, you must sign up for one of the paying plans. There are just three options left for individuals: Personal, Solo Basic, or Solo Professional.

Compared to the other two plans, the Personal plan is a little more difficult to find because it is listed on a separate price page that isn’t linked from anywhere else on the website. Given that it offers only 200GB of storage and only $5 per month, it is true to its name.

Sync.com Pricing
Sync.com Pricing

A distinct situation arises with the two bigger plans, Solo Basic and Solo Professional. When paying annually ($96), the former offers 2TB of storage for $8 per month. The 5GB monthly data transfer cap for file sharing is also abolished in addition to the increased storage.

The preferable choice is Solo Professional if you want a lot of room. It’s somewhat more expensive at $20 per month or $240 annually, but you get a full 6TB of storage, which is really a wonderful value. In contrast to Solo Basic, Solo Professional complies with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, the more costly package increases your versioning limit from Solo Basic’s 180 days to 365 days. 

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