Best overview of cloud photos storage

Best overview of cloud photos storage

Best overview of cloud photos storage by Nowadays, it appears like everyone is a photographer since practically everyone has a smartphone with a fantastic camera. We are documenting everything with images and preserving them as memories. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of images to keep, whether it be a get-together with friends or a crucial document.

It might be difficult to keep them all on your phone, though. It accumulates, and it’s not always easy to retrieve your photographs on another device. In this situation, cloud storage is useful. It offers a simple and practical solution to save all of your images. Let’s explore with us!

Why Do You Need Cloud Storage For Photos?

Your photographs and movies require cloud storage since they use a lot of space over time. In contrast to having all of your images on one phone, it is also simple to use and accessible from anywhere. Additionally, there is less chance of losing it.

Many users still like simply saving their photos on their phone’s internal storage. Here are a few arguments in favor of cloud photos storage in case you need more convincing.

Why Do You Need Cloud Storage For Photos
Why Do You Need Cloud Storage For Photos


Storage capacity is the main factor driving consumers to switch to cloud photos storage for their images, movies, and even other things. Consider this. You probably snap photos whenever you meet up with friends and family, on special occasions, and even just at random when you’re alone yourself. You accumulate a large number of images over time.

The majority of the internal storage on your phone is eventually used by your images and movies. Additionally, although while more and more phones now have quite substantial internal capacity, this also implies that they are significantly more expensive. A 512 GB phone will cost significantly more than a 128 GB phone.

So rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a larger storage space, isn’t it preferable to use cloud photos storage and conserve space on your phone? There are several secure, convenient, and trustworthy solutions for free online photo storage. It’s a far more effective method of photo storage.


Cloud photos storage has the drawback of being extremely simple to access from any location. Whether you’re using a laptop, a phone, or even another person’s PC. You may easily view your images by logging into your account using your browser. This makes it incredibly practical. – cloud photos storage.

However, if you save all of your images on a single device, you will always need to have access to it in order to see your photos.

Additionally, sending and sharing images with others is much simpler with cloud storage, and you can even work together on albums. Instead of painstakingly organizing and sending each photo, you may just share a link or add someone as a contributor. Additionally, if all of your albums are on your phone, there is no way for you to work on an album with other people.


All of your images may be backed up using cloud photos storage. These can even carry crucial papers and information. They also include years’ worth of memories with your loved ones. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to lose them by accident.

All of your images on your phone are lost if it is damaged or stolen. However, if you use cloud photos storage, you still have a backup of every one of them. This makes switching to a new phone simple because all you need to do is connect into your account, and your images will sync.

Best Cloud Storage For Photos And Videos

Best Cloud Storage For Photos And Videos
Best Cloud Storage For Photos And Videos

Google Photos

The Google images app is one of your finest alternatives if you’re seeking for free cloud photos storage. You receive your Google Account and 15 GB of storage for free. It has unlimited photo storage and was totally free up until June 2021.

With a recent upgrade, that has changed, and you can now purchase 100 GB of storage for around $1.99 per USB per month. Which is reasonably priced; however, there are various plans with plenty of features that you may look at.

Google Photos is still one of the finest solutions for online picture storage even though it no longer offers unlimited storage for free. It contains functions that make it simple to manage, search, and organize your photographs since it is designed for photos.

Google Drive

While Google Drive may be used to store your images and movies, it is far less effective and more difficult to utilize. Even though Google Drive doesn’t offer as many capabilities as Google Photos, many people still use it to save their photos.

It comes with your Google Account and is free up to 15GB. You can frequently obtain a lot of premium features with a Google account that is part of a plan or used for work or school for free. One of the greatest Android picture storage applications is this one.


Although Google images and Drive are also accessible to iOS users, the majority of them opt to save all of their images in cloud photos storage. In the Apple environment, it is incredibly straightforward to use and automatically backs up everything.

But unlike Google, you may only use up to 5 GB of your Apple Account’s free storage before it expires. The premium service is referred to as iCloud+, and there are several different options offered for various geographic locations. It costs roughly 0.99 USD per month for 50 GB, which is really reasonable.


Microsoft’s online storage option, OneDrive, performs admirably for your photographs and movies. It is dependable and secure while being simple to use. There are no unnecessary features that might cause confusion. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a neat and simple storage solution.


You may subscribe to the premium plan for just $1.99 per month for 100 GB, but it only provides you with up to 5 GB of free space. Because you can easily combine it with your Microsoft Office products, it’s fantastic for business usage. hope you will collect useful information through the above article: Best overview of cloud photos storage.

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