Best 3 Free Cloud Storage Services

Best 3 Free Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services are great for sharing files with friends, family and synchronizing documents across all of your devices, and much more. 3 Best free cloud storage services by

There are unrestricted, best free cloud storage internet storage options available, so yes. really quite a few of them. The free alternatives are typically more than sufficient for the majority of individuals, especially if you use more than one, even if virtually all have premium options that give extra room. Even better, many of these providers provide you more free space as a reward for making recommendations or engaging in other actions.

1. Microsoft OneDrive

Users may get 5 GB of best free cloud storage with Microsoft One Drive, which offers a cloud storage service. Important data may be stored safely in OneDrive, formerly known as Skydrive, and accessible from anywhere using any compatible machine. The only difference between cloud storage and a conventional hard drive is that the former is accessible online and from any location in the globe, while the latter is not. Additionally, businesses offer to increase the storage space as needed. Although it supports all file types, Microsoft OneDrive functions best with Office documents. 

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive

With its cross-device and cross-platform functionality, you can pick up where you left off with your work without having to save or duplicate everything. The integration with Office365 makes it simple to exchange files and content with other users, which makes it easier for a team to work together. Files on demand is one of Microsoft OneDrive’s most noticeable features.

As a result, you can access your cloud-stored files from any location without having to download them to your local device, which conserves a lot of local storage. The recovery is highly helpful in the event that the system you are working on crashes, is damaged, or is taken. Files are kept and changes are saved in the cloud. 

Features of Microsoft OneDrive

  • Create and share folders 
  • Save notebooks to OneDrive 
  • View Office documents online 
  • Desktop synchronization 
  • Search and discovery tools 
  • Upload files in the multimedia format using own smartphone.
  • Real-time co-authoring 
  • File type support 
  • Device reports 
  • Permission management 
  • Photo management 
  • Documents storage and tracking 
  • Microsoft Office integration 
  • Device-specific selective sync 

2. Dropbox

Dropbox offers best free cloud storage, is used for file sharing and collaboration, and is run by the American business Dropbox, Inc. For desktop computers running Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, Dropbox is a desktop program. The software is also accessible on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. It has a 2GB storage capacity that may be increased to 100 GB by purchasing one of the available plans. – best free cloud storage

Dropbox Plus is the name of the updated Dropbox version. Many advantages come with upgrading to this edition, including automatic camera roll backup, which means that all of the images you take on your own mobile phone are stored in Dropbox. – best free cloud storage.


Dropbox has a powerful API that enables integration with other programs and lets them share and sync files. Dropbox does not require a time-consuming installation or difficult update. The exchange of files is its primary goal. There is no restriction on the quantity of files or persons you may share with. Even users who do not have Dropbox accounts can access your data. It enables file transfers between any operating system and any device.  

Dropbox makes it simple for team members to collaborate. Your team will be notified of any changes you make to any shared files if you edit or otherwise alter them. Teams may collaborate and edit documents for very little money. Simply download the app on your phone to get started with Dropbox.

You may begin sharing your stuff once you’ve created an account. If you sync your local storage or other account data with it, you can even use it offline. Dropbox is built with numerous levels of security to guarantee the safety of your saved data.  

Features of  of Dropbox are as follows

  • Automatic updates 
  • File storage and file sync 
  • Offline access 
  • Automatic organization and backup 
  • Preview and download 
  • Any device accessibility 
  • Manually set bandwidth 
  • Large files sharing 
  • Easy link sharing 

3. Google Drive 

A service that Google provides for sharing and storing files is called Google Drive. Best free cloud storage for the first 15 GB. Any type of content may be stored, including images, videos, designs, drawings, recordings, and tales. You may post your files online and view them from anywhere and on any device, just like the majority of other cloud services. Even better, you may ask others to see, download, or participate in your project. – best free cloud storage.

Any type of content, including photos, word documents, PDFs, videos, and more, may be stored on Google Drive. Without the trouble of transferring files, one may even save an email attachment to Google Drive directly from Gmail. One of Google Drive’s best benefits is that it enables users to view files online without having to download them. Most zero-knowledge providers do not offer this feature since they are unable to decrypt the data. The files that may be previewed include Adobe, Microsoft Office, pictures, audio, texts, and video files. Google Drive is more user-friendly than other storage services due to its flexibility. – best free cloud storage.

Google Drive 
Google Drive

Features of Google Drive are

  • After joining up, Google Drive offers 15 GB of best free cloud storage. – best free cloud storage
  • It is more productive and efficient than most other storage alternatives thanks to Google’s in-house office suite, Google Docs, and other third-party applications. 
  • Since practically any type of file may be stored and previewed without having to download it, it is incredibly flexible. 
  • You may access Google Drive by signing in with your Google account. 
  • Google Drive may be connected with a wide range of tools. 
  • The Google Drive browser interface is fairly user-friendly and straightforward. 
  • One can utilize Google’s sync features to the most extent with the aid of Google clients. 
  • duplication of files. 
  • It offers a library of third-party apps. 


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